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December 21, 2022
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All Hands on Deck Needed to Fulfill Biofuels Promise

As developers of our country’s first advanced sugarcane ethanol biorefinery, biomethane and bioelectric generating facility, we applaud the move by this Administration to provide consumers with more options while diversifying our nation’s energy mix. Approved and permitted for construction in California’s Imperial Valley near Brawley, the Sugar Valley Energy (SVE) campus reflects a commitment to both our country’s energy security as well as our region’s great legacy as an agricultural power.

November 4, 2022
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CE+P to raise capital for sugarcane ethanol plant, CEO says

California Ethanol & Power is looking to raise USD 100m to USD 150m in equity for its wholly-owned subsidiary Sugar Valley Energy, co-founder, CEO, and President David R. Rubenstein said. Strategic players interested in acquiring ethanol or biogas produced by the plant as well as private equity funds would be attractive investors, Rubenstein said.

October 19, 2022
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Sugarcane cultivation will boost Imperial County’s energy boom

With the $1 billion investment planned for the Sugar Valley Energy project, we are enthusiastic about the prospect of growing sugarcane. The crop will be used to produce low-carbon ethanol for a variety of uses including more sustainable transportation fuel. Besides ethanol, the project will also produce bioelectricity and pipeline-grade biogas. At Benson Farms, we have grown sugarcane for almost a decade and found it uses approximately the same amount of water as forage crops. Our local farming community can be counted on to innovate and adapt to future water conservation goals, and we have proven that sugarcane can thrive in the Valley.

September 16, 2022
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Podcast: ABLC Connect - The State of Advanced Ethanol

President & CEO Dave Rubenstein featured in podcast.

August 24, 2022
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IPSC Announces 15-year Asset Management Deal with CE+P

IHI Power Services Corp., a leading owner and operator of power plants across the U.S., today announced it has deepened its partnership with California Ethanol + Power via a 15-year asset management deal to oversee its forthcoming Sugar Valley Energy campus outside of Brawley, California.

August 24, 2022
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IHI Power Services Corp. Expands with California Ethanol + Power in 15-Year Asset Management Deal

IPSC to Spearhead Operations, Maintenance and Now Asset Management Needs for CE+P’s Sugar Valley Energy Campus

July 4, 2022
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Local Company to Build First Ethanol Plant Using Sugar Cane as Feedstock

A Manhattan Beach company is attempting to build the first-ever ethanol plant in the U.S. that uses sugar cane as feedstock.

June 24, 2022
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Sugar Valley Energy receives sales and use tax exclusion

“Receiving this support from CAEATFA’s board is a major boost for Sugar Valley Energy,” Rubenstein said. “We are very pleased the aspects of our project were rated so highly in the agency’s evaluation of our project, and believe it clearly recognizes Sugar Valley Energy will be a win-win for California and Californians.” The STE program award is estimated to save approximately $10 Million on the project’s approximately $650 Million cost, Rubenstein said. Sugar Valley Energy, LLC will produce approximately 70 million gallons of very low carbon ethanol annually along with bioelectricity and biogas, while creating over a $1 billion in economic activity and supporting more than 15,000 jobs, including more than 9,400 construction jobs.

June 17, 2022
CE+P News

Imperial Valley Economic & Energy Summit

In terms of new energy projects for the region, Dave Rubenstein, president, and CEO of California Ethanol & Power, LLC (CE+P) talked about Sugar Valley Energy, which will help make sugarcane a renewable resource for the Imperial Valley community. “This is a sustainable energy product project; you’re growing sugar cane locally and we’ll be doing that locally, from the Imperial Valley,” said Rubenstein. “We’ll be producing extremely low carbon-ethanol building the transportation fuel market here in California.”

April 24, 2022
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CE+P clears first hurdle to securing federal loan

BRAWLEY — The developer of the 160-acre Sugar Valley Energy biofuel and power complex planned at Keystone Industrial Complex says it has cleared the first hurdle to securing a $725 million federal loan to move forward. California Ethanol + Power Chief Financial Officer Ron Blake said Thursday the company has advanced through Part I of the U.S. Department of Energy’s Loan Programs Office Title XVII Innovative Energy Loan Guarantee Program and Renewable Energy Projects and Efficient Energy Projects Solicitation, a rigorous first stage of consideration to qualify projects eligible for the program. As a result, he said, CE+P has been invited to submit a Part II Application for a Federal Loan Guarantee.