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February 27, 2024

TerraNova Capital Engaged to Raise Equity for Sugar Valley Energy

Brawley, Calif. (February 27, 2024)Sugar Valley Energy, a new 160-acre bioenergy campus planned in California’s Imperial Valley has added New York-based TerraNova Capital Equities, Inc. to its finance team to lead marketing and placement of equity capital for the $1 billion project. 

The 25-year-old investment bank focuses on the small-to-middle market and provides equity and debt solutions to its clients.  TerraNova’s renewables focus includes solar, food waste, plastic and battery recycling technologies, and clean energy technologies, with a recent initiative in clean power (solar, geothermal and hydro) data centers.

California Ethanol + Power CEO and President David Rubenstein said, “TerraNova is a premier investment bank and advisory firm with global reach, and we welcome their contributions to our team as we work to structure financing that will enable Sugar Valley Energy to begin construction.”

“Sugar Valley’s success in bringing a sustainable energy project of this magnitude so far along in its development schedule made a strong impression on TerraNova.  Along with their significant investment to date, the team’s ability to execute on the key development milestones demonstrates their unparalleled commitment to this project.  We are excited to work with such a diligent and tenacious team to bring this project to fruition”, said Todd Coffin, TerraNova’s head of structured finance.

Sugar Valley Energy (SVE) is now in the final stage of development and is comprised of a sugarcane-to-ethanol production facility, a bioelectric power island and a wastewater treatment facility.  SVE’s sustainable energy products will include annual production of 76 million gallons of low-carbon ethanol that can be used for sustainable aviation fuel (SAF) or transportation fuels blending, renewable natural gas (RNG), 42MW of bioelectricity, and local wastewater treatment connections to benefit regional businesses and residents. 

The project is expected to support as many as 15,000 jobs during the construction and start-up phases, as well as approximately 2,000 agricultural jobs at full scale feedstock production. The sugarcane feedstock will be directly controlled by SVE through contract arrangements with local Imperial Valley farmers.  SVE has developed a robust long-term feedstock program which envisions growers currently producing alfalfa for animal feed export markets switching to sugarcane production.


About California Ethanol + Power (CE+P)

CE+P is a development company that intends to develop, construct, operate and own numerous facilities that will convert locally grown sugarcane into Essential Ethanol™, a sustainable, renewable and extremely low carbon transportation fuel that will assist California in meeting its groundbreaking AB32 requirements. CE+P is committed to employing processes and equipment that are both commercially proven and financeable, while also meeting California’s stringent environmental regulations. CE+P also has identified promising potential products such as Sustainable Aviation Fuel (SAF), renewable Hydrogen and Ammonia, using low carbon ethanol as a feedstock for fossil fuel-based chemical replacement, and developing low carbon drop-in fuel from sugarcane tops and leaves as an alternative to crude oil.  For more information visit California Ethanol + Power or Sugar Valley Energy.


About TerraNova

TerraNova Capital Equities, Inc. (member FINRA/SIPC) is the investment banking arm of TerraNova Capital, a 25-year-old financial advisory firm focused on the small-to-middle market.  TerraNova Capital is comprised of two companies; TerraNova Capital Equities, Inc. which provides financial and capital solutions to its clients, and TerraNova Capital Partners, Inc. which focuses on merger and acquisition (M&A) advice, consulting and merchant banking.  Learn more at www.terracap.com

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