About Us

The mission of California Ethanol & Power, LLC (CE+P) is to produce sustainable renewable low-carbon energy in California from the right renewable resource - sugarcane. 

CE+P's experienced team is completing the development of and intends to project finance, construct using proven technologies, own and operate a facility in California’s Imperial Valley. Utilizing innovative production processes that are efficient and environmentally respectful, CE+P will convert locally grown and owned sugarcane into low carbon fuel-grade Essential EthanolTM, renewable electricity, bio-methane and other valuable co-products. 

Sugar Valley Energy, LLC (“SVE”) is the Project Company and is wholly owned by CE+P. The Project will produce approximately 77 million gallons of very low-carbon, fuel-grade Essential EthanolTM, 43 megawatts (“MW”) of baseload electricity produced from biomass, and 810,000 MMBtu of biomethane gas.