About Us

The mission of California Ethanol & Power, LLC (“CE+P”) is to produce sustainable renewable low-carbon energy in California from the right renewable resource - sugarcane. CE&P's experienced team is completing the development of and intends to project finance, construct using proven technologies, own and operate a facility in California’s Imperial Valley.

Utilizing innovative renewable energy technologies to ensure a production process that is efficient and environmentally respectful, CE&P will convert sugarcane grown by CE&P into low carbon fuel-grade ethanol, renewable electricity, bio-methane and other valuable co-products.

Sugar Valley Energy, LLC (“SVE”) is the Project Company and is wholly owned by CE+P; both LLCs are Delaware limited liability companies, registered with the California Secretary of State to conduct business in California. 

The Project will utilize proven technologies and will produce approximately 68 million gallons of very low-carbon, fuel-grade ethanol, 49 megawatts (“MW”) of baseload electricity produced from biomass, and 737 Mcf of pipeline quality biomethane.     

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If you're interested in growing sugarcane feedstock in the Imperial Valley, CA for CE+P, please complete the contact form.

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