CE&P is partnered with leading Imperial Valley farmers and innovative ethanol industry experts and companies.


Merry Acres


Steve Reeves, Steve Reeves Farms

Steve Reeves is a third generation Imperial Valley farmer who started farming in 1973 with his father, JC Reeves. Together, they ran JC Reeves Ranches and Steve Reeves Ranches until 2006. Steve Reeves Ranches currently farms about 3,740 acres growing sugar beets, alfalfa, Bermudagrass for hay and seed, wheat and sugarcane.

Ralph Taylor Farming

Ralph Taylor's grandfather, Val Butters, first came to the Imperial Valley in 1913, making Ralph a third generation farmer and his son, Jason, a fourth generation farmer. Mr. Taylor and his son currently farm approximately 10,000 acres of various crops including saguaro beets, wheat, onions, sugar cane, field corn, alfalfa and Bermudagrass. Taylor looks forward to adding sugarcane as another crop option to farmers in the Imperial Valley.

Doug Westmoreland, Westmoreland Farming

Doug Westmoreland has been in agri-business production in the Imperial Valley for over 25 years. Since 1987, he has been the owner operator of Westmoreland Farming with a fully diversified farming enterprise that produces feedstuffs such as alfalfa, corn, Bermudagrass, Sudan grass, tifton, klein, numerous small grains and sorghums. Westmoreland Farming was an early leader in the production of sugarcane and continues to grow more than 130 acres of various sugarcane varieties. Mr. Westmoreland has served on the board of directors of numerous nonprofits in the Imperial Valley and is always striving to help improve his community and its agriculture industry.


Booker Tate

Booker Tate is a global leader in the provision of development, management and technical services to the world of sugar, ethanol, bio-energy and other agribusiness projects, having successfully completed some 1,500 assignments in 120 countries over the past 50 years.

Uni-systems, Inc.

Uni-systems, Inc. is performing sugarcane -to-ethanol, electricity and bio-methane specialty process engineering and design services, and will procure and supply most of the equipment as well as perform construction management services. Uni-systems is a recognized global supplier of sugarcane processing-related advanced technologies, integrated process solutions, engineering design, and state-of-the-art equipment.