Our Story

California Ethanol & Power, LLC intends to sustainably produce energy in California for use in California from locally grown sugarcane, the right renewable resource. CE&P intends to develop, finance, install, own and operate sugarcane-to-ethanol-and-electricity plants worldwide, starting with state-of-the-art facilities in California's Imperial Valley, one of the best places in the world to grow sugarcane. CE&P is responding to the increasing market demand for renewable fuels and green power while avoiding the economic and political issues associated with corn-based ethanol production. CE&P's sugarcane-based ethanol has substantial economic, political and environmental advantages, including lower feedstock cost, higher co-product value, location advantages and premium ethanol prices. Importantly, CE&P's facilities will use much less water, produce more than 13 times as much energy per unit of fossil energy used and emits over 95% fewer greenhouse gas reductions on a full fuel cycle analysis basis than gasoline.

By converting sugarcane into fuel-grade ethanol, electricity, and co-products, CE&P will:

In the Imperial Valley:

  • Create agricultural and technical green jobs
  • Provide local farmers with a stable revenue stream from an alternative, sustainable crop
  • Spur ancillary growth and economic opportunity

In the State of California:

  • Provide a lower cost, renewable and environmentally friendlier alternative to gas
  • Provide renewable electricity to the power grid
  • Contribute to California's goals of reducing greenhouse gas emissions and meeting the Low Carbon Fuel Standard

For the United States and Globally:

  • Help ensure security and energy independence
  • Substantially reduce greenhouse gas emissions
  • Not replace or impact the price or supply of food

CE&P will produce two forms of sustainable and renewable energy that help California address environmental issues and bolster California's economy while not depleting natural resources.