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November 12, 2021

Sugarcane Takes Root In California's Clean Energy Transformation

CE+P’s mission is to produce sustainable renewable low-carbon energy in California from the right renewable resources. Sugarcane fits the criterion. Aside from the benefits discussed, CE+P believes that increasing domestic sugarcane production could increase California’s energy independence. In 2019, California consumed around 15.41 billion gallons of gasoline and 1.6 billion gallons of ethanol. About 218 million gallons, or 13.6%, of California’s ethanol consumption comes from domestic production. Therefore, the SVE project has the potential to increase California’s ethanol production by over 30%. “SVE will be the leading contributor toward moving California in the direction of bolstering our energy independence, lowering the carbon intensity of our fuels, and lowering the footprint of its manufacturing and transport,” said Rubenstein. SVE’s super-low-carbon Essential Ethanol ™ will have a carbon intensity less than half of the average Brazilian sugarcane ethanol pathway. The company will contribute positively to California’s goals of reducing GHG emissions and meeting the Low Carbon Fuel Standard, Renewable Portfolio Standard, and Cap and Trade Regulations.

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