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August 24, 2023

Sugar Valley Energy (SVE), a subsidiary of California Ethanol & Power (CE+P), is teaming up with STARS Technology Corporation (STARS) to usher in cutting-edge hydrogen production technology.

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This collaboration holds the potential to redefine the region’s energy landscape and contribute to a cleaner and more sustainable future.

The collaboration agreement between SVE and STARS is poised to transform the renewable energy sector. With a shared vision for sustainable energy solutions, the partnership centers around deploying revolutionary hydrogen production technology at SVE’s expansive 160-acre sugarcane ethanol biorefinery. This biorefinery, complemented by bioelectric, biogas, and wastewater treatment facilities, embodies a comprehensive approach to harnessing multiple facets of renewable energy.

A notable aspect of the collaboration is the deployment of up to 80 STARS-250 H2 Generators. These advanced generators are designed to produce low-cost, renewable hydrogen that adheres to the stringent new Federal Clean Hydrogen standard. This monumental leap forward in hydrogen generation technology holds the promise of significantly reducing carbon emissions while providing a viable energy source for a multitude of applications.

The hydrogen generators are destined to find a home at SVE’s ambitious low-carbon ethanol plant. Anticipated to churn out over 70 million gallons of low-carbon ethanol annually, this plant will not only contribute to the region’s fuel needs but also mark a significant step towards sustainable ethanol production. By integrating renewable hydrogen into the process, the carbon footprint of ethanol production can be dramatically minimized.

The collaboration’s impact could extend beyond the boundaries of the ethanol plant. SVE envisions the potential installation of these hydrogen generators at nearby hydrogen fueling stations. This move aligns with California’s push towards a comprehensive hydrogen fueling infrastructure, which holds the potential to revolutionize transportation by offering a clean and efficient alternative to conventional fuels.

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