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CE&P nominates GE Power as EPC firm for bioenergy project

Renewable Energy Magazine - Tuesday, May 8, 2018 - California Ethanol & Power (CE&P) has announced the selection of GE Power as the Engineering, Procurement and Construction (EPC) firm for the power island of its ethanol, electricity and biomethane generating facility. The facility will use locally grown California sugarcane as its feedstock. A signed Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) is in place and GE Power is now completing the initial conceptual engineering and detailed costing for the Power Island portion of the project.


The energy products produced by CE&P will have a very low carbon intensity, making them particularly valuable under California’s Low Carbon Fuel Standard (LCFS) and greenhouse gas emission reductions programmes.

“GE Power is eager to help pave the way forward for the energy industry by redefining low-carbon energy” said Michael Keroulle, GE Steam Power Chief Commercial Officer. “As the project proceeds, we look forward to partnering with CE&P to help them meet their goals of clean, flexible and efficient energy. With this partnership, we are not only leading the industry in innovative energy solutions but by using a renewable biomass fuel source and sustainable, carbon-neutral steam power generation, we can apply GE’s steam technology in new ways to help reduce environmental impact. We are continuing to better understand the fuel and how it performs with GE’s tangential firing technology while also carefully measuring emission levels of NOx, SOx, and unburned carbon to meet and exceed California’s Low Carbon Standards”.

Dave Rubenstein, President & CEO of CE&P, added that the company is very pleased to have GE Power as an integral part of the project, being a highly regarded global expert in supplying advanced power generating technologies to numerous industries. GE Power’s expertise will enhance CE&P’s ability to achieve its goal of building the first low-carbon energy facility producing extremely low carbon ethanol, base-load renewable electricity, and pipeline quality biogas

The location of the facility is in the abundant farming areas of Imperial County, California. In September 2017, CE&P obtained the grading permit and an address for the facility. CE&P expects to finalise the financing in mid-2018 and for the plant to commence operations in 2021.