Facilities Detail


CE&P intends to own and operate sugarcane-to-ethanol-and-electricity production facilities in California's Imperial Valley and in the adjacent Palo Verde Valley. Each facility will convert sugarcane from Imperial Valley farmland into:

  • Fuel-grade, low-carbon ethanol
  • Renewable energy to power the facility and California power grid
  • Fertilizer for use in the sugarcane fields and the balance being sold
  • Biomass which may be sold as forage or as boiler fuel to a local biomass power plant
  • Biomethane for various technical and commercially viable applications ranging from natural gas to fuel cell technology.

Each facility will be designed and constructed by a consortium led by Uni-Systems do Brasil, Ltda, a highly experienced engineering and construction firm with leading credentials in the sugarcane-to-ethanol production and electricity generation industry.

Additionally, five major Imperial Valley farmers, the VBG Alliance, are applying three generations of farming expertise and experience to grow sugarcane varieties under an agreement and under direction of CE&P, making CE&P the dominant Imperial Valley sugarcane grower. These Farmers will support the growing of the sugarcane to maturity. CE&P will harvest the mature sugarcane and haul it to the processing facility. Local farmers have shown interest in new crops and are particularly receptive to the opportunity to participate in CE&P's program, which offers a more stable revenue stream than crops with volatile market prices.