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County Approves 750K Loan for Plant

Industry News | July 1, 2015

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With the demand for ethanol continuing to rise in the state and the southwest region, the Imperial County is in a prime position for having the first processing plant in the county that would produc...Read More
Last week, the California Energy Commission (CEC) released draft documents related to its mandatory biannual assessment of the state's energy status and needs, and it noted that alternative fuel...Read More
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The advanced biofuel targets proposed by the Environmental Protection Agency on Friday have given a boost to advanced biofuel Renewable Identification Number (RIN) values, and this could potent...Read More
Two bills that would promote biofuels and alternative fuels in California moved further through the legislative process this week. AB 1176, which would direct $35 million or more to install low...Read More
Los Angeles -- California Gov. Jerry Brown (D) on Wednesday took an aggressive stance in response to climate change after issuing an executive order to expand the state's carbon reduction effort...Read More
Gov. Jerry Brown accelerated California's effort to slash greenhouse gas emissions Wednesday, burnishing the state's reputation as a pacesetter in the battle against climate change. In an...Read More More