New Investment Plan Update Refines Focus on Transforming California's Vehicles and Fuels More
"Not content to let Brazil hog all the glory, three development-stage companies eye sugar-based ethanol feedstocks" read more....Read More
CE&P will provide substantial economic stimulus and benefits to Imperial County, CA. The estimated benefits, measured through the construction phases and the first year of operation of CE&P...Read More
Utilizing a slightly different business model, a California company is growing sugarcane not for hte production of sugar, but for the sole purpose of creating fuel and energy... read more....Read More
"CE&P will provide substantial economic stimulus and benefits to Imperial County, CA" read more....Read More
"One of the goals of California Ethanol & Power LLC is improving the economic landscape of Imperial County" read more....Read More
The U.S. Department of Agriculture held a biofuels public forum to discuss biofuel production in the Valley; California Ethanol & Power was a presenter... read more....Read More

Ethanol Producer Magazine

Industry News | June 1, 2010

Already growing over 500 acres of sugarcane for its first commercial sugarcane-to-ethanol facilitiy, California Ethanol + Power LLC has big plans to construct multiple sugarcane-to-ethanol faciliti...Read More
Local farmer Larry Gilbert was awarded what is the only lifetime achievement award given among the local farm community, the Jim Kuhn Memorial Farmer of the Year Award... read more....Read More
Sugarcane efficiently turns sunlight and chemical inputs into energy and requires a minimal amount of fertilizer, compared with other ethanol feedstocks. The energy balance is also greater read mor...Read More