Biofuel Facing Challenges Midwest, California, Mississippi DTN

Just a few blocks from the commotion and crowds at the Global Climate Action Summit, biofuel advocates gathered Thursday to champion more low-carbon fuel standards that could take the country’s biofuels industry in new directions.

While the climate summit focused on all the various ways states, cities and businesses can commit to reducing greenhouse-gas emissions, the “Driving Decarbonization” event highlighted how biofuel demand can grow if more states adopt low-carbon fuel standards.

“The thought leadership is moving in that direction here, and we’ve been hearing from particular organizations and people involved with the Governors’ Biofuels Coalition that there are active discussions going on,” said Graham Noyes, executive director of the Low Carbon Fuels Coalition.

“People are seeing how valuable California’s LCFS (low-carbon fuels standard) is. Midwest producers are asking that same question, ‘Why don’t we have this here?,’ and they are seeing the unfortunate instability in the RFS program and realizing that having a backup or supplemental program is a very good thing to have in times like now.”